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Lakeland High School, one of two high schools in Lakeland School District 272, is located on Highway 53 in Rathdrum, Idaho.  Lakeland High School serves about 750 students from the Rathdrum, Hauser Lake, and Garwood communities as well as unincorporated areas within Kootenai county.  The area's local economy has farming, logging and growing service and manufacturing sectors.

Lakeland High School was originally built in 1979.  The school has had one major addition, which added the commons and additional rooms.  Also, Lakeland School district and the community collaborated to construct and expand the recreational facilities on the Lakeland High School Campus. 

Lakeland High School has been continuously accredited by the state since the inception of the accreditation process.  Lakeland has received meritorious accreditation on numerous occasions.  In addition to Lakeland's own academics, students have the opportunity to participate in KTEC, the NIC Tech Prep and dual enrollment programs, and a Certified Nursing Assistant Program.   


Principal:  Jimmy Hoffman

Principal Assistants: Dustin Frank & Shannon LaFountaine

Athletic Director:  Matt Neff
Counselor:  Frank Vieira  (students A-G)
Counselor: Lorrain Ryan (students H-N)
Counselor:  Kim Suko  (students O-Z)
Accounting:  Cynthia Peck
Registrar:  Jenifer Shute
Attendance:  Marti Fuhriman
Athletics Assistant: Amy Fortin
Library:  Melissa Brumbaugh


Lakeland High School
CEEB code: 130525


Lakeland School District is located in northern Idaho and consists of small towns (Rathdrum, pop. 7,024 is the largest) and rural agricultural/forested areas located near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Spokane, Washington.  Enrollment figures for September 2016 were 4,354 students enrolled district-wide.  The district student/teacher ratio is 21:1.               



State elementary and secondary accreditation committees have recommended Lakeland High School for approved accreditation status with “Merit Recognition” for 2004.  For 2004, only twelve secondary and nineteen elementary Idaho schools have been nominated for approved accreditation status with merit recognition.  Twenty-six percent of the schools across the entire State of Idaho nominated to receive accreditation status with merit recognition fell in the Lakeland Joint School District.

Lakeland High School is a comprehensive four-year public high school enrolling 845 students in grades 9 through 12. The school opened in the fall of 1987 and graduated its first senior class in the spring of 1989.  Lakeland High School is accredited with Merit by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges.  In 2010 Lakeland High School was the only high school in the state of Idaho to receive “exemplary recognition” by the Northwest Association of School and Colleges.  

Lakeland High School was ranked as one of the top ten High Schools in Idaho for 2014-2015.


The academic program is organized on a 2 semester system. Six (6) credits per semester is the maximum course load; though seven (7) classes are allowed with permission. Honors classes are offered in English 1, 2, 3, and 4, Physical Science, Biology, Geometry, and Algebra 2.  Advanced dual credit courses in math include Trigonometry/ Pre-Calculus (Math 143 and Math 144) and Calculus (MATH170).  Advanced courses in science include Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Physics, and BIOL 100. AP Statistics is taught on campus and other AP courses are available through online learning with Idaho Digital Learning Academy.   Typically students will opt to take dual credit college courses with North Idaho College over AP courses starting their junior year.  LHS will host twelve 100 level college courses this year.

Lakeland School District grants both a regular High School Diploma and a college preparatory diploma called an Advanced High School Diploma.

Kootenai Technical Education Campus (KTEC) offers specialized technical training programs in Health Professions/CNA, Computer Repair & Networking, Pharmacy Tech, Automotive Tech, Diesel Tech, Construction Trades, Industrial Welding & Metal Fabrication, Automation Manufacturing/Engineering, Sports Medicine, and Resort Lodging Management to juniors and seniors from Lakeland High School.  These programs offer Career Technical Education college credits/certifications through North Idaho College.


Grading and Ranking

      College Credit or
Honor Classes are weighted
A – Excellent    90 – 100  4.0 4.5
B – Above  80 – 89  3.0  3.5
C – Average   70 – 79 2.0 2.5
D – Below Average  60 – 69  1.0 1.5
F – Failure     59 or below 0.0 0.0

Rank includes all courses, ranks shared. GPA is computed using the above quality points. Beginning with grade 9, all subjects, whether passed or failed, are included in the computation. A minimum of 46 credits is required for graduation.  Effective for the class of 2017, honor courses will utilize a weighted grade point system for honors, college preparatory and non-activity college dual enrollment classes.. The following weights are applied to these classes: A=4.5, B=3.5, C=2.50, D=1.5. Grades are recorded on the transcript and grade point average is computed in January and June.


Dual Credit Classes

Dual Credit Classes