Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) $180,000 Scholarship Opportunity


I am Petty Officer Jason Mumford, the NROTC Scholarship Coordinator for Navy Recruiting District Seattle, responsible for eastern Washington, northern Idaho, and northern Montana.   I take great pride in helping young students find solutions to the high cost of college education.  The NROTC Scholarship Program offers students the opportunity to earn their degree and receive valuable leadership and management skills while enjoying the benefits of an exciting career.  The basic requirements and benefits of this outstanding program are listed below:

1.  Selected applicants receive:

Full tuition and other financial benefits worth up to $180,000

NROTC Units are located at over 150 of the nations leading colleges and universities

$250-$400 a month tax-free spending money

2.  Basic eligibility requirements:

Be a U.S. Citizen

Be at least 17 years of age and not older than 23 by June 30th of the year you start college

Complete high school/equivalent certificate

Take the ACT or SAT test prior to deadline and receive at least the minimum scores listed below:

Test scores must be sent to school code 0656.

   ACT                                       SAT

Math = 21                           Math = 540

                 English = 22                     Critical Reading = 550

3.  May apply for one of the following options:

Navy (Regular)

Nurse Corps (must major in a nursing degree program leading to a BSN)

4.  Degree requirements:

Major in any field

Take normal course load required for degree

Enroll in two Naval Science Courses per year

Complete the following courses:  *Calculus, *Physics, *National Security Policy/U.S. Military Affairs, English                              Grammar/Composition, and World Culture

                       *Not required for Nurse ROTC

5.  Military Service requirements:

No obligation for first year of college

Upon completion of degree, receive commission as Ensign in the US Navy

Four year active duty obligation

6.  Benefits of NROTC:

Free college tuition

100% employment upon graduation

Opportunity to lead and manage personnel

Unlimited travel opportunities

30 days paid vacation earned annually

Excellent medical/dental benefits

Completing an application does not obligate you in any way.  You may withdraw from the NROTC program at anytime during your freshman year without incurring any service obligation or financial penalty.  

Apply now:

For more information on the NROTC Program, please contact me by cell phone and email at 208-530-0450 and at


UC Berkeley

University of San Diego

University of Southern California


UC Davis

California Maritime Academy

University of Arizona

University of Colorado

University of Florida

University of Idaho

College of the Holy Cross

University of Mississippi

University of Missouri

State University of New York Maritime College

North Carolina State University

Ohio State University

University of Oklahoma

Oregon State University

The Citadel

University of Texas

University of Utah

University of Washington

(Incomplete listing)