College Testing

All LHS Juniors will participate in the Idaho Statewide SAT testing day on April 10, 2018. Students will register for this test date using state provided payment vouchers provided by counseling staff during the early spring.  

Juniors and Seniors are strongly encouraged to take the ACT and consider retaking the SAT if needed.  

Juniors typically take the ACT in June, following their April SAT test date.

Juniors may choose to retake the ACT in October and/or December of their Senior year as needed.  

College bound students are encouraged to take college admissions tests in the spring of their junior year and then again in the fall of their senior year (if needed).  Either the ACT or SAT is accepted by most colleges and universities.  Check college or university web sites to determine which college admission tests are accepted and if any specific subject tests are required.

College bound students should also take the PSAT during October of their junior year. This test lets the students know how they compare to other college bound students as well as giving the students practice in taking the college entrance tests. The PSAT is also used in the determination of National Merit Scholarship Competition.

The Lakeland High School Code is (130525) for test registration

To access free online ACT and SAT practice tests, follow the directions below:

  • Go to
  • On the black bar, click "Full Resource Index"
  • Type in "LearningExpress Library: College Preparation Center"
  • Put in your zip code and City to confirm
  • Select “ACT”, “SAT”, or "AP Exam"
  • Create an account
  • Take the practice test you selected.